Harbin Y-12

Southern Cross Aviation Flight SXA440

Kunming, China to Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Around the World in 180 Hours

November 2007


The "Before" photo, Harbin Y-12 on the ramp, Kunming, China
Note the sideways-facing landing light on the fuselage.
A small motor points it forward when it is turned on.


Three GPS receivers, Airspeed in km/hr, Altitude in Meters, Vertical Speed in m/s, Fuel in kg
Note Artificial Horzon on left with the horizon attached to the frame and the tiny airplane free to move.
Guaranteed to improve your instrument scan at the slightest hint of turbulence.


Captain's Panel


Co-Pilot's Panel


Fuel Cut-Off Switches adjacent to Fuel Boost Pump Switches


Rudder and Aileron Electric Trim Switches, Fuel and Flap Controls
The Starter Switches are cleverly hidden under the Fuel Levers


Cutting English labels to cover Chinese symbols on switches and circuit breakers


Overhead Switch Panel with new labels


Captain Dickens inspecting cargo tie-down security


Over Mandalay, Myanmar - count the temples...


Paying for fuel, Mandalay


Kolkata (Calcutta), India


Russian MIG-25 taxiing for local flight, Kolkata


Early morning traffic, Nagpur, India


View from Hotel Pal Palace, Nagpur


Over-wing refueling, Nagpur, India


View from the Control Tower, Ahmedabad, India


Filing Flight Plan in the Tower, Ahmedabad


Departing Karachi, Pakistan - only 35 minutes on the ground !!


Just Fueling Around, Muscat, Oman


Leaving United Arab Emirates, passing over Persian Gulf


On the ground, Bahrain - Airport ID "OBBI"


The "After" picture - on the ramp, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Dubai International Airport Terminal


Inside the International Terminal, Dubai



Route Map

Leaving from LAX at midnight, November 22nd, Thanksgiving Day, we flew with China Airlines to Taipei, Taiwan and on to Hong Kong, where DragonAir took us to Kunming, China.

The venerable Harbin Y-12 took us from Kunming to Mandalay, Myanmar, Kolkata (Calcutta), Ahmedabad and Nagpur, in India, Karachi, Pakistan, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, Bahrain and, finally, to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Continuing west, Emirates Air flew us, via Dubai, to New York's JFK. American Airlines flew us from there to LAX, arriving on Friday afternoon, November 30th, completing an around-the-world loop in 180 hours.


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