DHC-6 Twin Otter 200

Southern Cross Aviation Flight SXA408

Cairns, Australia to Fort Lauderdale, Florida
6700 nautical miles over water - 1600 nautical miles over land

March and April 2007


The "Before" photo, on the ramp, Cairns, Australia


Australian Rego VH-KEA changed to N120AA - no ferry tanks permitted in Oz


First tank in and HF radio antenna tuner installed


Only 5 more tanks to go to put 990 US gallons in the cabin


Six tanks installed and vented - only 5000 pounds over gross when filled


Captain Putnam clearing Australian Customs, Cairns, enroute to Honiara, Solomon Islands


Henderson Field, Honiara, Solomon Islands


Circling to gain altitude, after departing Henderson Field


600 pounds per hour gives 150 knots TAS when overweight


Nauru Island, the richest island on earth, until the phosphates ran out


Sooner or Later, the ITCZ must be crossed


Majuro Airport is the wide spot in the Atoll, top right


Sunrise, Majuro International Airport


Approaching Johnston Island, atoll barely visible


Overhead Johnston Island, now deserted


DHC-6, behind Big Brother, a Dash 8, on the ramp, Honolulu


Waiting for Zero-Zero conditions to improve for take-off, Fort Stockton, Texas


IFR routing with vectors around Houston, then GPS direct KHUM (225 nm)


A day of embedded thunderstorms in Houma, Louisiana


Vectors to the Q100 Route, then GPS direct KUBIC (220 nm)


Over the Atlantic Ocean, on left base for Runway 27L, Fort Lauderdale, Florida


The "After" photo, on the ramp, Miami Aviation, Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Route Maps

International Route

1. Cairns, Australia
2. Honiara, Solomon Islands
3. Majuro, Marshall Islands
4. Honolulu, Hawaii
5. Camarillo, California


Domestic Route


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