Beech 1900D

Southern Cross Aviation Flight SXA414

Hakodate, Japan to Burlington, Vermont
5800 nautical miles

May, 2007



First Officer Putnam, Kazuyuki Komorida, Captain Krueger


Changing the registration from JA016A to N175MH


400 Feet... Flaps Up, Climb Power, After Take-Off Checklist


Captain Krueger flies the Hakodate Reversal Three Departure, runway visible below


Refueling, Yuzhno, Sakhalin Island


Stand-up headroom for a 6-footer


The Front Office


660 pounds of fuel per hour, at 24,600 feet (7,500 meters), yields...


An IAS of 175 Knots and a TAS of 250 Knots


Ice breaking near the shore, Sea of Othosk


Landfall, Russian Siberia


On Final, Magadan, Russia


Refueling, Magadan


The Orthodox meets the Unorthodox, Magadan City


Magadan City


Magadan City


Magadan City


Defunct Neon Sign, Magadan


Air Traffic over Siberia, Opposite Direction, Above


Seals on the Ice, Bering Sea, Nome, Alaska


Scorching Hot Day, 65 Degrees, Anchorage, Alaska


Southeast of Anchorage


Southeast of Anchorage


Lower, Flatter and Warmer, near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Delivery Complete, On the ramp, Burlington, Vermont


Route Maps

Cleared from RJCH (Hakodate) to UHSS (Yuzhno) via Hakodate Reversal Three, V2 SPE, V8 AWE, B337 ANIMO, R446
Small "X" on Route B337 notes transition instructions from Flight Level, Feet to Flight Level, Meters


Note "X" - Altitude changes take place on the Russian side of the FIR


Spacing between levels increases above 8100 meters


  1. Hakodate, Japan
2. Yuzhno, Sakalin Island
3. Magadan, Russia
4. Nome, Alaska
5. Anchorage, Alaska
6. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
7. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
8. Burlington, Vermont


Flight track from Edmonton to Winnipeg


Flight track from Winnipeg to Burlington


70 Knot Tailwinds across Canada pushed highest groundspeed to 350 Knots


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