Oceans Alone

Memories of Ferry Flights around the World
Often at Night,
Sometimes on Fire,
With Ice on Occasion
But Never without an Anecdote


Links below lead to a few of the 40 to 50 chapters I plan to write. Even they are works in progress, as pictures and charts will be added "Real Soon Now."

Ferry Flights
The "Before" Picture  Rockwell 114, On the Ramp, Oakland, California
The "After" Picture  Cessna 180, On the Ramp, Johannesburg, South Africa

Cessna 402 to Tarawa
Pilotage at its Best
Ag-Truck Adventures
Always Carry Your Own Raft
Midnight Sun
The Longest Flight
Repair in the Air
San Miguel in Pago Pago
Saint Elmo's Fire
Celestial Guidance
Compass Capers
All Night Flight
Fueling Around on Norfolk Island
Twenty More Minutes of Fuel
Dual LORAN Systems
A Shot at Polaris
Red-Line Airspeed
Shoot Out at Lord Howe
Christmas in July
Have You Seen This?
A Case for the Coast Guard
One Thousand Miles from Anywhere
What Business Do You Bring Here?
On Fire at Mid-Night
Out of Whiskey

Snow in the Azores?
File IFR for Shannon
How to Find Spain

Botswana or Bust
Radar Vector to the Pyramids
Ice Over the Equator
Kidnapped in Zambia
Avoiding Missiles in Angola
The Hand-Colored Weather Map

The Cat and Duck Method of Instrument Flying
The Inertial Guidance System